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Cell phone use has dramatically increased over the last several years. According to Pew Research, a total of 85% of adults in the US own and use a cell phone. What is even more intriguing about recent cell phone use, however, is the way these phones are being used.

Capturing an Image

In 2012, the Pew Research Center?s Internet & American Life Project discovered that out of the 85% of adults who use cell phones, as many as 82% used their phones to take pictures. This percentage beat out internet access, app downloading, and even text messaging. With such a high percentage, it is no wonder why the majority of cell phone producers advertise the camera specifications of their phones.

With applications such as Instagram, simple photo editing possibilities, and constant access, it is likely that the rate of cell phone photographers will increase. The power and quality of cell phone cameras continues to be refined by all major developers.

For social media managers, this can only mean one thing. Engaging users on photo sharing networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and to a lesser extent Flickr is the key to mobile. Photo contests are great way to encourage this?

Text Messaging

Approximately 80% of cell phone owners use their device to send and receive text messages. As a quicker, more convenient form of communication, many individuals use cell phones primarily for text messaging rather than for making phone calls. SMS technology is now integrated into bank accounts, social networking platforms, and email accounts.

From the touchscreen of a phone, individuals are able to send out messages, check on account levels, and even post to Facebook. Even advertisements and solicitations are being delivered via SMS more frequently. With a steady growth from 2007 to 2012, text messaging use is not likely to slow.

Internet Use and App Downloads

From 2008 to 2012, Pew Research Center discovered that internet access through cell phone use increased from just 25% to a total of 56% of cell phone users. With such a drastic change in a small amount of time, the future of cell phone internet access looks bright. The addition of 3G and 4G coverage to more cities and regions is increasing the trend consistently.

With the increase in internet access has come an increase in application downloads. App marketplaces such as Google?s Play Store and the Apple?s App Store continue to see increased traffic and downloading. According to Pew, app downloading has increased from 22% to 43% over the last few years. Since internet is becoming more and more accessible through cell phones, it is likely that app downloading will continue to grow.

The increase in mobile technology usage has changed the way we communicate. With growing numbers using cell phones and their various abilities, the future of human connection looks bright.


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