Thursday, February 21, 2013

Video: New U.S. plan would fine cyber hackers

>>> minutes from now, the white house will strike back at stealing data from the government and trade secrets from the corporations. this comes after a firm released evidence that china engaged in kiber warfare against american companies and official agencies. live from the white house was more on this. why was this coming from such a boil.

>> here's what we can tell you about they are going to do a better job of coordinating and cracking down on the theft of trade secrets . this is not going to be directed in any one country, but it does come a day after one company announced that china increased the cyber attacks against the united states . we expect a number of representatives from large corporations from ge and american and super conductor that will be at the event. they will work on cracking down. the chair of the house intelligence, they commented on this idea and said that theft of american intellectual property is unprecedented at this point in time and at an all time high. this has an impact on the broader economy and can wind up costing american jobs . that is the concern in terms of what the finer details are, we will have to learn them when they are revealed within the hour. the main focus and broader strategy is to do a better job of coordinating the government's response to crack down on theft of trade secrets .

>> as we talked about the company being hacked, the new york times and "the washington post " and " wall street journal " and apple, nortel networks and this is not small potato stuff. in talking earlier, they talked about the legislation, what's the appetite for getting something like this done?

>> i think that there is bipartisan support for cracking down on cyber theft and improving cyber security . the question is how exactly do you do it? as you mentioned, president obama calling for legislation that would improve cyber security . he also passed an executive order aimed at improving cyber security . this is a real focus of the administration and something you can expect president obama to talk about and focus on in his second term, of course and terms of something getting passed through congress, the devil is in the details. there is a broad base of support for addressing the issue. there is an understanding that the economy could be impacted. thank you.


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